The Lazy Little Frog is a story about friendship.

This is the home of children’s book, “The Lazy Little Frog” by Joycelin Kauc Leahy. This book is also published in Papua New Guinea Tok Pisin – “Liklik Hambak Rokrok” and Motu, “Paroparo Maragina Hesiku Dikadika”.

Book Description

An environmental disaster forces some wild animals from the forest into a shelter with some domesticated animals. This shelter, a haus kuk, or kitchen, is in Wagang, a small fishing village in Lae, Papua New Guinea. Each animal has a role to play and a place to sleep, but hard work is part of everyday life. When he lost his entire family, Loki Enough, a little green tree frog, moved into the haus kuk. Loki develops a new character, Elvis, that puts on an act, sings and dances in the haus kuk. This act helps Loki to hide his sadness and insecurities. Loki didn’t like working. He added trickery to the performance to get him free meals, but soon the other animals saw through Loki’s tricks. The more he tried, the more Loki offended the others in the haus kuk. One day, Loki became upset because no-one gave him free food and he disrespected Kande Kaks, the oldest and most responsible member of the haus kuk. This incident put Loki’s life in danger. Although Loki insulted the old rooster, Kande Kaks was very patient with Loki. He took Loki under his wing and taught Loki about kindness, love and the benefits of hard work. Soon, a special friendship begins and harmony returns to the haus kuk.

About the Book