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Do You Remember Your First (Childhood) Book?

My first book as a child was an Australian story called “Skippy The Bush Kangaroo” by Victor Barnes and Illustrated by Walter Stackpool. This story became a famous TV series, but at six, I had no idea this was a small story in a big story. That was over 50 years ago and part of the Little Golden Book series. I fell in love with the book and the characters as soon as I received this book from my school.

I had written a chapter for my memoir about this book, but briefly, when I tried to find this book, it wasn’t easy. My own copy was lost many years ago. Two years ago, before COVID-19, I while searching on the internet and I found the book on Ebay. I was stunned.

I was so afraid to order the book because it may not be true. But I did, and it arrived and I cried some happy tears. The back cover was missing, but the front and the story itself was intact. The Ebay seller left me an apologetic note, but it was fine. I was so happy. The book had belonged to a Katrina Burns. When I unpacked it from the plastic package, I hugged it. I showed it to my writing workshop friends at Kenmore, here in Brisbane, and read the chapter about how my whole extended family from Wagang Village in Papua New Guinea showed up at the Ampo church to watch me receive this book. It was a prize. Here is a picture. I hope you can share your first book stories here too.

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