The Lazy Little Frog is a story about friendship.


Paroparo Maragina Hesiku Dikadika is our Motu translation of The Lazy Little Frog.
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What People Say About The Lazy Little Frog


Joycelin Leahy is a gifted Papua New Guinean artist and narrator. 

This little story is set in a small coastal village. It tells of the somewhat testy relationships between a variety of animals that find themselves sheltering together in an abandoned cook house. The villain is a lazy self-possessed frog, the hero and peacemaker a generous and tolerant rooster. ” Rae Sheridan, Museum Educator and Author.

 “A delightful tale with a message for us all. It paints a beautiful picture of PNG village life.” David Freyne, Long Term PNG Resident. Environmentalist.

 “The Lazy Little Frog by Joycelin Kauc Leahy is a delightful universal story suited for children of all ages. It is a story about love, kindness and friendship. The story gives an insight into life in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Joycelin wrote this book in English and Tok Pisin to assist in language preservation in PNG. This is a wonderful example of how different languages can be used to portray a story. All cultural terms are delivered in an accessible manner and easy to understand”.

Pam Jeffs – Author Turtle Island. 

“Prepare to be charmed by this beautifully illustrated tale by Joycelin Kauc Leahy featuring Loki, the little lazy frog who is always too busy having fun to be any good at catching food. Singing Elvis makes Loki happy, but that’s no use to the other animals in the village and no one cares he has no lunch. What if Loki could have a full belly and make all the other animals happy, too? First he’ll need to make friends by learning how to work together – which can be the best fun of all”.

Isabel D’Avila Winter – Brisbane Author & Writer

“Frogs are a sign of a healthy environment.  Loki, the Lazy Little Frog, in conversation with his animal friends, illustrate to the readers and listeners (children listening to this story) the essence of community living representing kinship, roles and responsibilities and our dependency on each other.  Caring for the environment, animals and plants are highlighted, reminding us of our obligation to care for our ‘place’ or ‘ples’ and the natural environment.  

A recommended storybook for Papua New Guinea primary schools and important inclusion in school libraries.  Teachers can identify nuances which extend students’ learning by recalling, retelling and creating their own stories for literacy development.  Joycelin Kauc Leahy’s illustrations inspire children’s imaginations and invite creative responses to various aspects of the storyline”.

Dr Julie McLaughlin

Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice Faculty, QUT.

“Beautifully told, in a lively and colourful Papua New Guinea way of storytelling. I like the modernized usages of both languages, English and Tok Pisin. There is so much linguistic acrobatism there such as the fly taking off like Air Niugini in the Tok Pisin version of the story. Simply beautiful!” Russell Soaba – Author, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

“Joycelin Kauc Leahy demonstrates her grassroots connections to her mother’s home on the outskirts of Lae City. Her story is one that will hit home with PNG children and make them giggle about Liklik Hambak Rokrok and its English version, Little Lazy Frog. These books will be hits for rural and urban children”. Noel Pascoe, Retired journalist of 50-year experience including 36 in PNG.

Hello, I’m Joycelin Kauc Leahy. I’m the author and illustrator of “The Lazy Little Frog” storybook. I live in Brisbane, Australia. I was originally from Lae, Morobe Province in Papua New Guinea (PNG). I also wrote this story in PNG Tok Pisin, “Liklik Hambak Rokrok”. The story developed over five years from a dialogue between a little green frog and an old rooster. It is a story about friendship. Before Loki, the lazy little frog earns the trust and respect of the others living in the hauskuk, he must learn some tough life lessons. If you like the sound of this story, register for book launch updates and please share the news with others.

My wish is that The Lazy Little Frog story helps young minds in Papua New Guinea and other parts of the world understand the need to accept our unique human differences, use open and honest communication to ensure peace and harmony. And above all, respect one another, other living things, and our planet.

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The Lazy Little Frog by Joycelin Kauc Leahy